What is Metta?

“Metta” is an ancient word that translates to “loving-kindness.”  For us, it is our founding principle as a company. Aside from phenomenal Pilates instruction, our overarching ambition is to spread a message of love and kindness in our world and our community.

That starts with how we treat ourselves and extends to those close to us, to those we consider acquaintances, and to all other living beings (even those we’re not fond of – they deserve love to)!

Loving-kindness is also a mindfulness practice focused on wishing feelings of love and kindness into the world in the same order. It includes a short saying or prayer which sums it up quite perfectly:

May you be happy,
May you be well,
May you be safe,
May you be at peace.

Seeing the world through a lens of “loving-kindness” (i.e. to “live metta”) is a practice that has a profound, scientifically proven, positive impact. Studies have proven that this practice or way of seeing / interacting with the world:


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