Our Story

Meet our Founders – Chris and Ythy Farnsworth 

Hi, my name is Chris Farnsworth and my wife Ythy (“Tee”)  and I are the founders of LiveMetta.  Here’s the story about how LiveMetta came to be.

Prior to entering the fitness/wellness industry, I was a practicing litigation attorney in Long Beach, working the type of long hours that that career requires. Although successful, it was hard to ignore this constant calling to do something “more” with my career and so much of my time and attention than billing hours for large corporate clients.

I found Pilates after severely injuring my back in an accident in 2017 (two months after our wedding) that left me with fractured vertebrae and blown disks in my back. Not able to even look at my toes without pain, I started down a path of physical therapy and Pilates to hopefully avoid surgery and start feeling better. Having played golf at a collegiate level, I was also hoping to once again play the game I love.

Dedication to Pilates, in no exaggeration, gave me my life back. Talking about how Pilates can change your life is easy for me because it changed mine. I know the same is the case for so many of you.

When it so happened that the studio where I attended classes in Orange County (formerly Power Pilates)  came up for sale, it seemed like the stars were aligning and we chose to start down a new path together. In doing so, Tee also left her successful career in the healthcare industry, notably in hospice care. 

Two studios in Orange County grew to three when we took over John Garey Fitness and Pilates in Long Beach, all of which are now LiveMetta Pilates locations.. Along the way we have also added a yoga studio, You and the Mat in Laguna Niguel (which Tee oversees), and a massage therapy spa, Origins Massage + Bodyworks in Fountain Valley.

What Is “Metta”?

“Metta” is an ancient word that translates to “loving-kindness.”  For us, it is our founding principle as a company. Aside from phenomenal Pilates instruction, our overarching ambition is to spread a message of love and kindness in our world and our community.

That starts with how we treat ourselves and extends to those close to us, to those we consider acquaintances, and to all other living beings (even those we’re not fond of – they deserve love to)!

Loving-kindness is also a mindfulness practice focused on wishing feelings of love and kindness into the world in the same order. It includes a short saying or prayer which sums it up quite perfectly:

May you be happy,
May you be well,
May you be safe,
May you be at peace.

Seeing the world through a lens of “loving-kindness” (i.e. to “live metta”) is a practice that has a profound, scientifically proven, positive impact. Studies have proven that this practice or way of seeing / interacting with the world:


Studies also confirm that when one actively wishes love and kindness on another, it is impossible to have feelings of anxiety or depression while doing so.

I stumbled across this practice in my law school days and it’s teachings have always stayed with me. I’ve seen the benefits of trying to put love and kindness into the world in my own life, even on the hard days or when I fall short. It’s a message we can’t help but share.

Of course we are and always will be Pilates studios, but we’re also striving to be about something bigger. Pilates, after all, in its purest form is an act of self-love. We hope that you sense this feeling of love and kindness when you walk through our doors, take a class or a private session, and interact with our amazing instructors and staff – who are some of the most kind and loving people you will find.

We can’t wait to share this message, and a bit of our hearts, with you at the studios.

With Loving-Kindness,
Chris and Tee

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